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About The Bevel

Bevel's story is one of harmony between human ambition and the natural world.

The house weaves its tale through the careful selection of materials and design principles that honour its hillside perch. Bevel stands completed in 2022, this 309m2 encapsulates modern family living. With its construction presenting a unique set of challenges due to the hillside location, every square meter of Bevel is a celebration of overcoming adversity through design ingenuity and hard work. The home's foundation, a meticulously planned slab, supports a structure rich in custom elements like Tasmanian oak and spotted gum that hint at the grandeur within. The facade, adorned with Axon 400 cladding and painted in the deep, enduring shade of Monument, complements the custom orb-style roof creating a visual symphony that resonates with strength and elegance.

Key Feature

Custom-made Tasmanian oak bunk beds offer a nod to craftsmanship, while the spotted gum deck and shiplap at the entrance whisper stories of the forest. The external presentation, featuring Axon 400 cladding and a cement brick feature, stands as  a beacon of architectural detail, with James Hardie cavity closers ensuring durability  against the elements. Inside, the cathedral ceilings soar, creating spaces filled with light and air, amplifying the home's connection to the sky above.


The essence of Bevel is found in its ability to blend seamlessly with its surroundings while offering a luxurious family-style sanctuary. The environmental systems, including a silt fence for debris control, showcase a commitment to preserving the creek's purity that runs whisperingly close. This commitment extends to the home's BAL rating of 12.5, ensuring resilience against nature's whims. Luxury flourishes within Bevel's bounds, from the polished concrete floors underfoot to the Tasmanian oak that lays the ground for life's moments. The swim spa views serve as daily reminders of the beauty of indulgence when balanced with environmental consciousness.

Bevel's narrative is one of custom craftsmanship, where every detail from the suspended custom bunk beds to the cement brick finish tells a story. It's a home where the boundaries between indoor and outdoor blur, inviting the landscape in and encouraging a lifestyle that celebrates both luxury and the natural world. In Bevel, every day is dedicated to living harmoniously within a masterpiece of modern design, making it not just a house, but a forever home that embodies the spirit of its environment and the essence of architectural beauty.


Elevated Views

Swim Spa

Raked Ceilings

Suspended Custom Bunk Beds

Polished Concrete

Tas Oak Floors

Spotted Gum Deck

Landscaping Design

Partners & Credits

Creative Concreting

OnPoint Electrical

Arva Glass Group

Mark Williams Tiling

Select Plumbing

Precision Plastering

Taswood Joinery

HB Engineering

Martin Ruzicka Landscape Design

Merritt Joinery

The Bevel

5 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms

Size:  309m2

Build Year: 2022

Architect / Designer – S.Group

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