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About Eglington

Eglington emerges as a paragon of inner-city sophistication, encapsulating the essence of contemporary urban living across its 739m2 expanse. Established in 2019, this trio of townhouses embodies a harmonious blend of architectural innovation and functional elegance, tailored for those who desire a seamless integration of luxury and convenience.


Eglington's design philosophy prioritizes low maintenance and open living, offering an unparalleled lifestyle in the heart of the city. Its polished
concrete finishes and meticulously designed entertaining decks provide a perfect backdrop for elevated living, underscored by breathtaking views.


Off-street parking and thoughtful architectural design further elevate the essence of Eglington, making it a beacon of modern living.

Key Feature

Eglington's standout feature is its commitment to open living, articulated through expansive interiors that flow seamlessly onto private entertaining decks. These spaces are framed by polished concrete floors, embodying a sleek, contemporary aesthetic while ensuring durability and ease of maintenance.


The architectural design of each townhouse maximizes natural light and captures elevated views of the urban landscape, offering residents a serene retreat amidst the bustling city. Off-street parking for each residence underscores the convenience that is at the core of Eglington's design, ensuring a seamless lifestyle for its inhabitants.


Eglington's architectural prowess and commitment to quality urban living has been recognized by Master Builders Tasmania, with a finalist nomination for Medium Density Construction 2 – 5 Dwellings in 2020.


These accolades underscore Eglington's status as a landmark development, offering a unique blend of low-maintenance living, open spaces, and architectural elegance.


Inner City Living

Low Maintenance

Open Living

Polished Concrete

Entertaining Decks

Elevated Views

Off Street Parking

Architectural Design

HB Engineering

Partners & Credits

Pro-Dig Earthworks

OnPoint Electrcial

Superior Finish Plastering

Craig Lee Plumbing

Arva Glass Group

Pro-Brick Bricklaying

Chris Taylor Tiling

HB Engineering

SC Floor Coverings


Architect / Designer – 6ty Degrees


6 Bathroom (3 townhouses)

Size:  739m2

Build Year: 2019

"Award Finalist"

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