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About Hilhaus

Where some see obstacles, we see opportunities. This is especially evident when tackling challenging sites that require greater engineering expertise.


We seize the chance to work with, not against, the surroundings chosen for any new home, and the results are breathtaking.

The fresh ideas for this light-filled home began underground, where 30m3 of concrete pier and strip footings were needed to tie The Hilhaus to its hillside setting. The significant groundwork allowed the spaces above to soar, to capture stunning vistas and establish a solid connection with the surrounding bushland.

Key Feature

Our designs are dynamic, allowing the movement of light, the weather and the seasons to play an important role. This was demonstrated beautifully with The Hilhaus.


We used natural timbers to connect the house to its setting, and stone and concrete for both durability and ease of maintenance. These materials were used in proportions that engender luxury and generosity, designed for a lifestyle of indoor-outdoor enjoyment.


The home is zoned so that living, dining and entertaining — served by an open-plan kitchen — occupy a space distinct from the wing dedicated to bedrooms and bathrooms. It’s the perfect balance of privacy and community.


Solar panels contribute to the eco-consciousness of The Hilhaus’ design. We aim to create homes that will stand the test of time, in the way they look, the way they perform and the way they feel.


Sloping Site + Treetop Views

Polished Concrete

Tas Oak Ceilings

Brass Fixtures & Fittings

Polished Concrete Shower Floors

Spotted Gum Deck + Feature Screening

Open Plan Living

Private Living

Partners & Credits

Hutton Roofing

Choices Flooring

Arva Glass Group

AllOn Electrical

Craig Lee Plumbing

Superior Finish Plastering

Taswood Joinery

HB Engineering


3 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms

Size:  268m2

Build Year: 2022

Architect / Designer – CMK Architects

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