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About Project Villa Donini Bathroom 2

In an ambitious endeavour to infuse Tuscan luxury into the heart of Tasmania, Kyle Zanetto, in collaboration with Savannah from Savannah Denny Interior Design, has crafted a bathroom that transcends conventional design boundaries. This project, conceptualized withthe freedom to create a statement of opulence, showcases a profound commitment to detail and a reverence for refined aesthetics.

The space is defined by its striking use of Black Atlas Dream tiles, large-format pieces imported directly from Italy, which cascade from floor to ceiling. These tiles create a dramatic backdrop that enhances the luxurious feel of the room. Complementing this bold tiling choice are the antique brass  & Sienna Red fixtures, including rain heads, shower roses, and mixers, each adding a touch of vintage elegance.

Central to the room's design is the custom Arabescato stone vanity, paired exquisitely with a curved mirror adorned with discreet LED strip lighting. This pairing not only highlights the
room’s sophisticated functionality but also its visual appeal. Privacy is elegantly addressed with smoked glass partitions around the toilet, providing seclusion without separation from
the cohesive design.

The project’s complexity required a structural overhaul, during which the team reinforced the bathroom's foundation with I Beams and steel plate inserts. This structural upgrade was essential to support the substantial new load from the luxurious floor-to-ceiling tiles and custom timberwork.

To translate this visionary design from concept to reality, advanced 3D modelling was employed. The team created detailed renders and used a 3D scanner to ensure the precise execution of the tile layout. Tiles were meticulously water-jet cut to a 2mm tolerance, allowing for seamless on-site installation without the need for extensive modifications.

The construction process was meticulously managed to uphold the highest standards of quality and safety, thanks to rigorous site management protocols. These measures not only minimized risks but also streamlined the construction process, ensuring flawless execution down to the minutest detail.

Innovative elements like the curved timber wall, a secret timber door, and custom large- format tiles demonstrate Zanetto and Denny’s ability to push architectural limits while adhering to uncompromising construction standards. These features, combined with the thoughtful integration of modern aesthetics and natural materials, ensure the space complements the home’s overall ambience, providing a sanctuary for relaxation and

This bathroom not only stands as a testament to high-end craftsmanship but also marks a pinnacle of design innovation tailored to the home owner's unique preferences. The success of this project is also a credit to the robust partnerships with trusted subcontractors whose expertise and dedication have been instrumental in realising a design that stands among the most premium offerings in the market.


Black & Gold Cast Iron Glass Slipper Bath

Sienna Red Tapware

Fienza Black Toilet

LED Lighting

Porta Timber Cirque

Smoked Glass Divider

Arabescato Stone Vanity

Curved Wrapped LED Toughened Mirror

Partners & Credits

AllOn Electrical

Select Plumbing

Taswood Joinery

MLH Stone

Breens Painting

ARVA Glass Group

Evolve Tiling

Villa Donini Bathroom 2

Architect / Designer – Darkitecture

Concept & Interior Design by SDI Interiors + Darkitecture

5 Bedrooms

1  Bathrooms

Size:  15 m2

Build Year: 2024

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