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About The HQ

Nestled among the verdant canopy near the breathtaking Cataract Gorge in Launceston, Tasmania, the HQ bathroom stands as a testament to luxury and innovative design. Designed and delivered by Kyle Zanetto, director of Zanetto Builders & DARKITECTURE, this space is part of a residence that proudly claimed the title of Tasmanian House of the Year within its cost category.

Perched atop a triple-white Arctic White Oxide polished concrete floor, the bathroom features a seamlessly integrated shower. The shower base, hand-polished by skilled artisans, ensures a smooth, flowing transition in and out of the shower area, enhancing both the space's functionality and aesthetics. This attention to detail in surface finishes sets a precedent for the rest of the design elements within the room.

The bathroom's colour palette is a sophisticated array of neutral tones, from shades of grey to the luxurious textures of marble fish scale mosaics. These are thoughtfully complemented by warm timber joinery and striking black fixtures and fittings, creating a bold contrast that captivates the eye.

One of the standout features of this master ensuite is its impressive ceiling height of 2.7 meters, paired with meticulously aligned floor and ceiling linings. This precision allows for theplacement of three whole tiles from floor to ceiling around the walls, a detail that exemplifies the careful planning and execution of the tile layout.

The spatial design includes a large LED-lit marble-lined niche, which not only adds a touch of opulence but also functions effectively to enhance the room's lighting. Above this niche, a highlight window offers privacy while allowing natural light to cascade across the expansive 3m x 1.2m high mirror, illuminating the entire space and creating a bright, airy atmosphere.


Artic White Polished Concrete

900x450 mm Wall Tiles

LED Lighting

Carrera Marble Mosaics

Timber Joinery

3m x 1.2m mirror

Partners & Credits

OnPoint Electrical

Craig Lee Plumbing

Taswood Joinery

AAP Plaster

ARVA Glass Group

Bathroom Transformations Tas

The HQ

"Award Winning Home"

Architect / Designer – Darkitecture

Concept & Interior Design by Darkitecture

3 Bedrooms

1 Bathrooms

 SIZE : 15m2 

Built Year: 2020

About Project Waverley 

Villa Donini stands as a testament to our passion for creating homes that embody distinction. This renovation project transforms a Tuscan-inspired estate into a modern sanctuary that marries the rustic charm of Italy with contemporary luxury.


Set to be completed in 2024, Villa Donini is an embodiment of bespoke living, offering nothing but the best. The residence is a symphony of dark chevron floors and Tasmanian Oak ceilings, setting a backdrop of effortless elegance. With its terracotta-tiled roof and expansive windows, the home basks in natural light, offering stunning views that celebrate its serene setting.


Villa Donini's renovation has been guided by a vision to showcase the finest in local craftsmanship, integrating modern amenities while preserving the soul of Tuscan architecture.

Key Feature

The heart of Villa Donini lies in its masterful integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces. The lap pool and private tennis court are not just amenities; they are centralto the home's design, offering a seamless transition from the elegance of the interior to the natural beauty of its surroundings.

Inside, the home features a bar and entertaining space that epitomizes the art of hosting, complemented by a separate garage that adds a layer of privacy and convenience. The internal/private residence is meticulously designed, featuring a 7m void in the living area that creates an atmosphere of openness and grandeur, further enhanced by the bespoke timber pergola.


Villa Donini distinguishes itself with a Tuscan flair, reimagined for contemporary living. The lap pool serves as a tranquil oasis, while the tennis court invites active leisure. The home's dark chevron floors and Tasmanian Oak ceilings are a nod to its sophisticated aesthetic, blending seamlessly with the modern luxuries of a renovated masterpiece.

The separate garage and bar/entertaining area underscore the villa's functionality and flair for luxury, making it a residence that is as practical as it is picturesque. With its thoughtful design and attention to detail, Villa Donini redefines the essence of luxury living, making it a beacon of bespoke elegance and comfort.


 Lap Pool

 Tennis Court  

 Tiled Roof

 Master Retreat

Dark Chevron Floors

Internal / Private Residence

Bar / Entertaining Space

Separate Garage

Partners & Credits

AllOn Electrical

Taswood Joinery

 Arva Glass

Choices Flooring

Select Plumbing

Bathroom Transformations Tas

Evolve Tiling

Breens Painting 

The HQ Bathroom

Architect / Designer – Darkitecture

Concept & Interior Design by Zanetto Builders + Darkitecture

5 Bedrooms

1  Bathrooms

Size:  600 m2

Build Year: 2024

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